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  • Our privacy fences are built not only to make your yard bigger, but they also provide safety, privacy, with a modern look, helping to hence the value up in your home. Our fences range in size, reaching a max height of 6’6” (due to city bylaw) height is determined based on customer request.
  • We offer different post sizes including 4×4 posts, or 6×6 posts. Both sizes are built the same, we just use larger lumber for the 6×6 fence, both use pressure treated brown lumber. All posts are drilled 4 feet into the ground to ensure they sit below the frost line to prevent shifting.
  • Once posts are set, we tie them in with 3 stringers. This allows for a stronger, sturdy fence, with less bows in the fence boards. After we insert a 2×6 top plate to create a locked fence. This not only helps the strength of the overall fence, but protects the ends of the fence boards from water damage.
  • Fence boards are then installed onto all 3 stringers nailing them as close together to ensure privacy.
  • Gates allow for some flexibility and personalization based on the customer’s request. A standard size gate provides 3 feet to move through, but gates can be widen to move machines such as a lawn mower or snow blower through.
  • Additional upgrades are also available including: Post caps/Post cap lights, hanging lights, decorative panelling.

Fences can be connected to any building to ensure a strong fence is anchored to the building,

  • Our fences can be tied into any building, giving a stronger fence once anchored to the building.
  • Before wrapping up a job we go back and stain the cut ends to allow for a cleaner finish and present weather damage.
  • At the end of all jobs we go back and put a stain on the cut ends to help prevent weather damage.